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The greatest successes of the Italian industry are often combined with the foresight of those businessmen who understood, before anyone else, how the design of their products could represent a formidable competitive advantage. Design, not only as a pure aesthetic representation of the Italian style, but as a research process, able to stimulate technical and functional innovations at the same time, often as innovative as exclusive. Pastorfrigor has always been at the forefront of this approach. Research on curved glasses began in the 70s, an innovation for those times, bringing about the launch of the first series of King in 1982. Even if it was entirely the result of studies and decisions made within the company, proves that particular attention towards the aesthetic and functional improvement of its products. A path that was put into effect in 1992 with the decision to pass to Pininfarina’s pencil, the undisputed master in car and industrial design, the design of Alpha Project counter that even today still represents a milestone in the world of traditional counters, and not just for Pastorfrigor. It should be stressed that the progressive and recent move by the entire refrigeration field towards a design approach based on modern concepts of industrial design, makes it even more evident that Pastorfrigor has been able to jump the gun by at least twenty years. Experience gained over time that, since the outset, has involved not only the overall shape of its products, but has also been extended, with a deep aesthetic and functional analysis, to the most minute details and components such as: trolley bumpers, shelves, panels, hinges...

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